Clubs Fair 2013 – Come Visit Us!

Look out for the Ada’s Team booth at the SGS Clubs Fair 2013!IMG_0608

Sarah and Dan featured above, showing off all the games, robots, candy, and cables on display at the amazing Ada’s Team booth!

What is the SGS Clubs Fair? Well it’s a wonderful place where you can see all the amazing student groups on campus out strutting their stuff.

As part of this event Ada’s Team was giving away candy and cat 6 network cables Monday and Tuesday. But don’t worry if you missed out!! We will be set up in Quad this Friday from 10 am – 3 pm for round 2!

But that’s not all!! As part of our fabulous display Neesha programmed a really fun Ualberta locator game as a clever way to get people to sign up for our group.

You can play the game here if you missed out today!

So if you are not yet a member, and love coding, making, hacking, mathing, or tech stop by this Friday to sign-up! Or just say hello to some of our awesome volunteers!


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