Important GHC Notices

Please come to AI lab (CSC 2-11) sometime on Monday between 9am-6pm to pick up a bag of stuff. We’re distributing the swag among as many people as we can so that not one person is responsible for hauling a million pounds of swag.

If you are in Minneapolis on Saturday, would you like to go to a climbing gym for $20? If so, please email Kit so that we can get a group deal.

Please fill in your availability to monitor a Grace Hopper Booth:

Accommodations in Minneapolis are at the following location:
5225 and 5227B Minnetonka Blvd
Minneapolis, MN 55416

Here’s the GHC App on iTunes

Save all your receipts, original boarding passes (or e-boarding passes) to get reimbursed.

Stay tuned to find out where we are meeting in the Minneapolis airport on Tuesday to get a ride to the accommodations.

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