#GHC14 Our scavenger hunt

Jacqueline and Kim were talking over scavenger hunt ideas and I had to jump on that. Here’s the list we came up with in the end. I’m posting it here so we can post our finds. It turns out I have the short-term memory of a (metaphorical) goldfish, so writing some of my finds down is essential. Otherwise I stare intently at people for far too long while I try to remember what was the thing I really wanted to tell them about.

Spirit Achievement – pic of you high-fiving an invited speaker
Local Experience – picture eating a breakfast burrito
Name Game – picture of you with someone who has the same name as you (whatever of your names, get their name tag in it)
We’re Taking Over – grab a picture of a men’s washroom converted into a women’s

Networking Diversity – Rainbow of business card colours
Grass is Greener – learn about an interesting project at another company or university
Righting the Wrongs – get the scoop on some diversity drama at some company
Awake and Alert – tweet/FB/tumblr a quote that caught your attention from a talk or presentation

Treasure Hunter – independently find some cool swag
Intrepid Explorer – find the most bizarre or offensive swag
Oooh Shiny – best/most diverse button collection
Join All The Things – biggest legit collection of ribbons (bonus point if they spark a conversation)

Connector Guru – hook up another UofA person with a job/research contact that interests them
Green and Gold Groupie – get someone to scan the QR code/fill out the form/contact re job position
Eat and Greet – meal with more than half the people at your table new to you.

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