WISEST Choices Conference 2016

This week, Ada’s Team was proud to be a part of WISEST’s annual Choices Conference for 6th grade girls.

“The Choices Conference began in 1991 and now brings up to 600 Grade Six Girls together to discover the wonders of science, engineering and technology for themselves.” – WISEST

Ada’s Team volunteers led students through two activities: Robots Rock and Ada’s Arduinos.

Robots Rock informed students of the variety of robots that exist and taught students how to program using Lego Mindstorms’ drag-and-drop programming language. After mastering the basics moves, students were challenged to navigate their robot through a maze and to program their robot to dance.

Ada’s Arduinos showed students how to build a pair of animatronic cat ears using a microcontroller, some electronics components, and a little bit of computing know-how. The ears were programmed to show “cat emotions”. Students made custom cat ears from craft supplies, wired up their Arduinos, debugged code, and programmed new cat emotions.

Photo on 2016-02-17 at 3.28 PMPhoto on 2016-02-17 at 3.34 PM

Thank you to our Ada’s Team volunteers and to WISEST for making this happen!


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