Welcome to Ada’s Team 2016!

Welcome – or welcome back – to Ada’s Team! You have found yourself at our website, where you can get up-to-date information about our events, our services, volunteer opportunities available to you, and discussion on diversity within our academic and industrial community.

Who we are

Ada’s Team is a student group in the Department of Computing Science dedicated to promoting diversity in computing, games, and technology through social gatherings and educational experiences. By diversity, we include but are not limited to the following categories: gender, race and ethnicity, ability, sexuality, and class.

Where we are

We fondly call our office Ada’s Base, which is located in the Computer Science Centre in room 1-24, right across the hall from the General Access Computer Lab. Please come by and say hello!

What we do

Every year we offer free volunteer tutoring out of Ada’s Base. These tutoring hours are offered primarily for introductory classes such as CMPUT 101, 174, 175, 201, 272, etc. Keep checking up on our tutoring calendar to see when the tutors for this year make their schedules. For more formal tutoring, consult our list of paid tutors on the same page.

Ada’s Team offers free, monthly “Coffee and Code” events, which are hosted to provide a relaxed atmosphere for students to work and socialize. We supply a spread of snacks and hot beverages (because every event is better with food)! Come equipped with your computer and a friend, or an icebreaker to make a new friend!

This year we hope to offer more technical workshops this year that will hopefully include an Arduino workshop, a password manager workshop, and many more!

All of these events will be advertised through our mailing list, website, and social media accounts.

How you can be involved

For all the latest updates about what Ada’s Team is up to, make sure you follow us on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and like us on Facebook.

Stop by the office during office hours to recharge, meet new people, have a cup of tea, or suggest an idea for an event we could host in the future.

This year we hope to keep the blog on our website more active. This will be a place where we will keep you up to date on what events are going on, but we hope that it will also be a place for constructive discussion on issues faced in computing, games, and technology regarding diversity. In the next couple weeks, we are hoping to reconstruct our website, part of which will include adding a place for you to submit a blog post to be edited and approved by Ada’s Team Exec and posted on the website. Keep your eye out for more information on when this will become available!

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