Debrief of CAN-CWiC 2017 with Ada’s Team!

Here is some exciting news about a recent Ada’s Team event! This year we took a mixture of 21 undergraduate, masters, and phD students to Montreal, Quebec for the Canadian Celebration of Women in Computing. We are eager to share the results of our trip with everyone. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • We met many other students from the University of Alberta while attending CAN-CWiC and were inspired by hundreds of women in technology.
  • We were able to listen to a keynote speaker from the University of Alberta, our current Associate Dean of Science for Diversity, Margaret Ann Armour. She spoke about what she has done to make the University of Alberta more diverse. She showed her success through statistics and stories of empowerment.
  • The University of Alberta excelled in research representation as 10 out of the 26 posters there belonged to our students. We even had a uAlberta student win the award for best poster!
  • We were great ambassadors for the University as we showed our pride all the way from the west side of the country.
  • We learned a lot from talks, including talks about how to use Artificial Intelligence to help patients with epilepsy, how to overcome imposter syndrome, diversity in major companies and much more.
  • Not only did we learn all these things, but some of us were also able to speak and share our knowledge! Ada’s Team put on a talk that encouraged undergraduates from all over Canada to share their passions and present in front of other participants.

There were over 550 people attending CAN-CWiC in Montreal and it was a trip that greatly impacted all who went. Thank you to those who went, you have made this a great trip for all. Thank you to those who have graciously funded our trip, you have empowered many women.

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