Mission Statement

Our goal is to promote diversity in computing, games, and technology. By diversity, we include the following categories: gender, race and ethnicity, ability, sexuality, and status.

Article 1: Name and Purpose

1.1. Name
The name of the student group shall be Ada’s Team, and it may also be referred to as (A*).

1.2 Compliance
The student group operates at the University of Alberta, subject to University of Alberta policies and procedures. This group will also comply with all local, provincial, and federal laws and procedures.

1.3 Objectives and Goals
The group shall operate for the purpose of:

  • promoting diversity in computing for the University community past and present (eg. undergraduate students, graduate students, alumni, staff, and faculty)
  • promoting constructive discussion about gender, race, ability, sexuality, etc. with regards to computing, games, and technology.
  • attending conferences that promote diversity in computing, games and technology (e.g. Grace Hopper)

Article 2: Membership and Eligibility

2.1 Membership

  1. Membership in Ada’s Team is open to the University of Alberta community past and present  (e.g. students, alumni, faculty, and staff) subject to membership requirements outlined in the University of Alberta’s student group policies. Eligible individuals who wish to become part of Ada’s Team must indicate this by attending an event and signing up for membership. Membership must be renewed yearly.
  2. The classes of membership that exist in Ada’s Team are as follows:
    1. General Members: A General Member is defined as any student, faculty, or staff member (past or present) who obtains and/or retains membership status.  General Members are able to vote for executive members.
    2. Executive Members: An Executive Member is defined as any member who is elected to an executive position or who is appointed to temporarily assume duties of a vacant executive position, while that individual is in that role. Executive Members are able to vote in all group matters.
  3. The conditions of membership in Ada’s Team are as follows.
    1. To remain a member, you must attend at least one group meeting or event over an academic year.
    2. A member in bad standing is defined as any member who has clearly and purposefully worked against the group’s stated purpose and objectives as determined by the executive committee.
    3. All members in bad standing will be given notice of this fact by the executive committee. The executive committee will provide reasons for why the member is judged to have purposefully worked against the group’s stated purpose and objectives. The member in bad standing may request a meeting with the executive committee to discuss or appeal those reasons. The consequences of being in bad standing will ultimately be determined by the  executive committee who can choose if and when to reinstate the member.

2.2 Membership Dues
Ada’s Team will not charge for membership status.

Article 3: Elections

3.1 Eligibility

  1. In order to be eligible to run and hold office, a member must meet the following requirement: The member must have been part of the group for at least one calendar year prior.
  2. In order to be eligible to vote in an election, a member must be a General or Executive member in good standing. A member is not allowed to vote for the position in which they themselves are campaigning.

3.2 Election Supervision
Elections will be monitored by members of the current executive committee who are not campaigning again. If this is the first election, or if no members of the current executive committee are eligible to monitor the new election, then three random non-candidate members in good standing will be appointed as an impartial committee to promote and supervise the election process. The elections committee will provide members with information on the elections, nomination procedures, campaigning, and all associated procedures, at least two weeks prior to voting.

3.3 Election Procedures

  1. Elections will be held annually by April as part of the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Members must be physically present at the AGM to vote. No absentee ballots.
  2. The Election committee is not allowed to vote.
  3. Members will declare their candidacy by registering with the elections committee by one week prior to voting, or by receiving and accepting at least one email nomination by any member of the group. Every member has equal opportunity to run.
  4. All eligible members will be given an opportunity to vote by secret ballot. The voting logistics will be determined by the elections committee and will be communicated to all members via mailing list on the nomination deadline. Campaigning can occur in the week prior to voting.
  5. A candidate can only be in the running for one Executive position.
  6. A candidate must receive a simple majority (50% or 50% with one additional vote) to be elected. If an unopposed candidate does not receive a simple majority, that position is considered vacant.
  7. An election is only valid if quorum is reached at the AGM.

3.4 Appeals and By-Elections

  1. A re-election can be called in the following circumstances:
    1. If the Executive committee does not represent diversity as decided by a majority vote consisting of at least 50% of the members.
  2. A candidate or General Member may ask for a recount but can not appeal election results otherwise.
  3. Should an executive position not be filled or become vacant partway through the year, the election committee will appoint a temporary to fill the position for the remainder of the term.

Article 4: Executive Committee

4.1 Executive Committee Members

The Executive Committee will be composed of: President, Vice President, and Treasurer. The Executive Committee must reflect the diversity present in the student group (e.g. includes a minimum of one person who identifies as female and one person who identifies as a person of color. As well as at least one registered undergraduate and one registered graduate student.)

4.2 Duties of Executive Committee Members

  1. The President is responsible to set strategic direction for the group and is the Chair of the Executive Committee. The President acts as the main point of contact for all external organizations, possesses signing authority on the group bank account, and is the primary media contact.
  2. The Vice President is responsible for the website or blog, tracking membership and helping to organize events, activities, and travel.
  3. The Treasurer possesses signing authority on the group bank account, writes cheques to reimburse members for authorized purchases, sets a budget that is approved by members of the executive committee, and tracks all incoming and outgoing cash flow for an annual budget report and audit purposes.

4.4 Impeachment/Removal and Replacement of Officers and Members

  1. Members in bad standing will be removed from the group in compliance with 2.1.c.3 (Membership).
  2. If an Executive Member fails to fulfill the duties of their position, any General or Executive member may petition for their impeachment. The elections committee is responsible to present the evidence and petition to the group’s membership at its next meeting with quorum, and the impeachment will pass with a ⅔ vote.

Article 5: Committees

5.1 Committees

The Executive Committee may form additional committees as required.

Article 6: Meetings

6.1 Annual General Meeting
The Annual General Meeting will be held by April of every year. All members will be notified in writing two weeks prior.

6.2 Meetings

  1. All meetings will run in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order.
  2. Regular Meetings: Regular meetings will be held once a semester and open to all members. Notice of meeting will be emailed to the group and posted on the website two weeks prior to the meeting date.
  3. Executive Committee Members: Executive meetings will be held as needed and open only to Executive Members. Notice of the meeting will be directly communicated to executives prior to the meeting date.

6.3 Quorum
Quorum for regular meetings, including the AGM and any meeting where voting occurs is ½ of all members in good standing. Quorum for executive meetings is ⅔ of the Executive Committee.

Article 7: Finances

7.1 Fiscal Timeline

  1. The Ada’s Team’s fiscal year runs from May 1 to April 30. Signing authority belongs jointly to President and Treasurer.
  2. The Treasurer will be responsible to make deposits within a month of an incoming cheque or when the cash box has accumulated more than $200, whichever is sooner.
  3. Bank statements and other financial documents are to be kept in a secure location for 2 years before being shredded.  

7.2 Budgets
The Treasurer is responsible for creating and presenting the budget to the Executive Committee. The budget will require a ⅔ Executive vote to pass. The Treasurer is responsible for presenting the fiscal year’s budget at the AGM to all members.

7.3 Expenses and Reimbursement

  1. The Treasurer and President must approve all expenses under Ada’s Team’s name prior to any funds changing hands. Approval is granted via the two-to-sign rule for cheques and all outgoing money.
  2. Members may be reimbursed for approved expenses by cheque as long as their reimbursement requests are made with original receipts within a month of the transaction. If original receipts can not be provided, the reason must be approved by the President and Treasurer and a note of explanation must be provided in place of the original receipt.

Article 8: Amendments to the Constitution

8.1 Amendments
Amendments to the constitution can be proposed by a General or Executive Member at a regular meeting. ¾ of the members present must vote in favor of the amendment for it to be passed. Once amended, constitutions should be re-filed with Student Group Services.

Article 9: Dissolution

9.1 Dissolution
The group may be dissolved by a ⅔ majority vote at a Special General Meeting convened for the purpose of which 90 days notice must have been given in email to all members. The group is automatically dissolved upon membership dropping below 10 members. Upon dissolution, the Executive Committee is responsible for ensuring that any remaining financial resources are returned to the department that donated them. If the source of the money is indeterminate, the resources should be donated to the Computing Science department of the University of Alberta.


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