Diversity Focused University of Alberta Student Groups

  • The Landing  – A student space for gender and sexual diversity
  • OUTreach – The U of A’s queer social group
  • FUA (Feminists at the University of Alberta) – An attempt to create a unified group for feminism on campus.

Unofficial Diversity Event Calendar for University of Alberta*

* Always check event source page (included in the event description) to ensure accuracy. This calendar is updated infrequently.

University of Alberta Resources



  • Model View Culture – A magazine about technology, culture, and diversity
  • Crash Override – A crisis helpline, advocacy group and resource center for people who are experiencing online abuse.
  • Women in Gaming Studies – “We will be studying representations of gender in video games, and how those representations have changed over time. The effects of, and responses to, those representations will be examined by looking at online reactions, such as other blog posts and academic articles. By analyzing the types of representation in different game genres, both on the part of game developers and from fan-created depictions (and the differences between these two), we hope to gain an overview of the history of gender in new media.”
  • Stephanie Hurlburt – “I’m passionate about graphics, math, art, science. I love optimizing systems and researching tough problems. I like building engines and tools that enable others to express their creativity and learn. I like learning new things and collaborating with people and creating community.”

Other Canadian Diversity in Computing Science Student Groups